Retail landlord services

, Retail landlord services

Retail landlord services

For shopping center project, big box or high-street retail unit owners Forton provides landlord representation and advisory services.

, Retail landlord services

For shopping center project, big box or high-street retail unit owners Forton provides landlord representation and advisory services. Our goal is to achieve long-term value creation through improvements in layouts, leasing space and finding the most suitable occupiers for the specific location. In more complex projects, concept and tenant mix advice will have material impact on performance.


Design & Layout consultancy

C&W Forton’s team applies the best commercial knowledge and practices to transform your architectural plans into profitable retail project. Our consultancy services are based on international shopping center standards and innovation. Our aim is to improve space layouts and efficiency to make sure that the proposed developments are in accordance with the expectations of retailers and shoppers in the local market. Our project reviews will identify weak points in proposed schemes and outline alternatives to improve space utilization, visitor flows and circulation.


Concept and Tenant Mix Advisory

With our hands-on experience, C&W Forton can assist in developing successful solutions for both project developers and retailers. Our team will analyse the shopping centre concept and adjust it in order to suit best the preferred retail and visitor profiles. We have an up-to-date database of brands willing to enter or expand in the market. This allows us to easily choose from a pool of suitable occupiers in order to create the most successful and sustainable merchandise mix.


Landlord Representation

Our landlord representation service is focused on realisation of the potential of the real estate asset. We offer consultation about the highest and best use of each unit. Furthermore, our retail team will prepare an estimated rental value table to assist leasing and support financial modeling and forecasting. C&W Forton will bring the project to the market in a professional and consistent manner and will look for the most suitable tenants.


Shopping centers leasing services

Our main objective is to achieve the highest possible occupancy level and optimal rental strategy for the serviced project. We review the ongoing leasing services and provide lease terms consultations. Our expertise will facilitate and accelerate the leasing process from strategy through assistance in the leasing documentation to marketing and communications. Our retail team also ensures the timely progress and coordination, handling multiple occupier requirements at a time.


Turnaround management

This set of services is about reviving a real estate asset that is struggling to keep up with competition in the market. The process includes analysing, planning and implementing a strategic plan to restructure the property and to turn it back to solvency. Our role as property advisor is to identify ways of optimising performance and help our clients implement them. We monitor the application of strategy on a regular basis and we consistantly evaluate results. The turnaround management stages include:

  • Analysis of the situaton, risk and critical financial indicators
  • Strategy and Schedule development
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing monitoring and cost control
  • Final evaluation
, Retail landlord services
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, Retail landlord services
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