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CTP Sofia EAST is a leading logistics project in Sofia. The first speculative building, SOE 1, is now available for rent. The park concept and building design embody a perfect balance between functionality and efficiency, making it a standout choice for logistics and distribution companies.

    The scale of the park merges contemporary innovation and reliability. CTP Sofia EAST sets a new standard for excellence in the Sofia industrial real estate market.


    Prime Location and Accessibility

    CTP Sofia EAST provides easy access to a skilled workforce. It is located just 15 minutes from the city center, major residential areas of the capital city, and Sofia Airport. Its prime and recognizable location is ideal for companies involved in distribution and intra-city logistics.

    Warehouse SOW 2 Specifications
    • BA: 23 127 sqm
    • TBA: 26 209 sqm / Office space at + 6.2m 2 800 sqm
    • Units: From 3,511 to 4,426 sqm, with other minimum units possible
    • Length of the units: 72 m
    • Width of the units: 48 / 60 m
    • Length of the building: 144 m
    • Width of the building: 180 m
    • Column spacing (middle enclosure): 12 x 24 m
    • Height (usable): 11.75 m
    • Thermal panels: 120 mm
    • Ramps: 39, 5+1 per unit / 7+1 per unit

    Inside, the prime logistics buildings offer flexible units ranging from 3,511 to 4,426 square meters, with a usable height of 11.75 meters. Other options for sub-division of minimum units are possible. The steel-fiber reinforced concrete floor slabs resist dust and stains. A standard load-bearing capacity of five tons per square meter is ideal for all warehouse racking systems and light industrial machinery. The polished concrete floors are reinforced for maximum load capacity, providing a robust foundation for heavy-duty operations.


    The mezzanine floor can be utilized for office space designed for optimal functionality. Office units have a maximum depth of eight meters, with raised floors, drop ceilings, and a clearance height of 2.75 meters. The office space and flex space at the level of 6.20 m add approximately 10% more operational space.

    Safety and Efficiency

    Safety and efficiency are paramount, with the buildings equipped with advanced fire suppression systems, including ESFR technology, and comprehensive fire detection systems. Electrical wiring for forklift and stacker charging ensures seamless operations. Natural light floods the space through thoughtfully placed façade windows and roof hatches, complemented by effective ventilation systems and smoke curtains.


    The facility has a prominent frontage on Botevgradsko Shose Blvd., Ring Road and it is in close vicinity to the intersections with Northern Speed Tangent, highways A2 and A1, providing excellent connectivity and time optimization.

    • Inner-city logistics
    • Infrastructure provision
    • First-quality logistics areas
    • Strategic location
    • Warehouse height of 11.75 m and column spacing of 24 m by 12 m
    • Built-in office units on the second level, above the loading and unloading areas, with an office-to-warehouse ratio of 1/10
    • Large-scale project with room for expansion


    This new logistics hub in Sofia provides easy access to a skilled workforce as well as proximity to major highways and the airport, crucial for reducing transportation costs and ensuring quick delivery times.

    , CTP Sofia EAST
    Zhoro Angelov