As a continuation of a successful tenant representation process Forton was appointed to provide a full scope of Project Management services for Progress’s new office in Grafix Office building. 

Our team and the Client’s representatives defined the scope of the project and requirements for deliverables. All the Client’s requirements were taken into consideration during the project planning and execution phase. The lack of specific Client technical requirements, interior design and experience in similar type projects were all defined as major risks during the initial phase of the project.

The main challenges during the project were the defining and specification of deliverables, requirements and minimum quality of deliverables, potential vendors and terms of delivery. In order to streamline the fit-out management process we developed clear tender documents, conducted tenders, prepared comparison tables from the received offers and provided recommendation reports, whilst keeping he Client informed about the status and challenges of the procurement phase. This resulted in the Client’s ability to make quick informed decisions and selecting the best value proposals. 

Throughout the whole project we conducted regular site inspections and developed detailed defect lists, which were updated on a regular basis. This resulted in timely rectification of all defects by the General Contractor as they arose and improved the overall quality of the fit-out works at all stages of the project. 

We chaired weekly progress meetings, with the whole project team, where the status of the project was discussed in detail, together with new and outstanding issues. We were the mediator between all parties involved in the project (i.e. Client’s team, Landlord’s team, Vendors and Consultants) with our main goal being clear communication and conflict resolution. We effectively managed conflict resolution as disagreements between the project team arose.

We coordinated all site activities where there was an interface between Landlord and Tenant’s vendors, where the detailed time schedules were the key to success. Through effective communication a smooth successful completion of all vendor/contractor activities, on time and schedule was achieved.