Cross-border acquisition opportunity



A foreign public property development and investment company approached us with a request to value cross-border, several-location commercial real estate portfolio comprising development and income-producing assets and spanning more than 500,000 sqm of prime land in major cities in Bulgaria and Macedonia. The request was urgent in order to allow the Client to secure a place in a bidding process. Therefore it required a national commercial real estate advisor with deep knowledge of local market conditions. 

The Solution

As the only real estate service provider operating directly from wholly owned offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Skopje, Macedonia, Forton/Cushman & Wakefield was uniquely positioned to undertake this assignment while acting competently and knowledgably on behalf of the Client. Due to the timing and nature of the request the site inspections and detailed market studies were discarded. Nevertheless our deep involvement in the market and regular proprietary research performed by in-house teams allowed us to identify the value of the subject sites. We employed the residual, income and market comparison methods to value the properties, providing further insights into their income and development potential. 

The Result

The Valuation report allowed the Client to back its offer with expert opinion and enter the bidding process on time. Using a single valuer ensured cross-border and asset consistency and reliability. It saved time and effort in selecting, communicating and reading through the output of different service providers. Due to the mixed-use nature of the properties under consideration our calculations provided insightful market information for the commercial and residential real estate markets in both countries. Thus they further enabled the Client to dig deeper into the sites’ potential for the next phases of evaluation.