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Business Consulting

Forton helps corporates devise and implement real estate strategy as a way to support business growth, control costs or realize efficiency gains. Our business consulting services apply to national and international retail networks, workplace solutions for multinational companies, manufacturing sites or logistics supply chains. Our strategic advice is indispensable when companies need to accurately manage real estate portfolios or raise funds through leverage or asset disposals. 

How we can help

Location analysis
Forton has the professional competence to carry out in depth real estate market research across multiple locations. We factor in accessibility, catchment area coverage or proximity to key suppliers by taking into account economic, demographic or traffic data to propose and optimal geographical structure to our clients. We will design an occupier strategy which is aligned to the business plan and goals and meets the client company’s current objectives, be it to grow its market share, get ahead of competition or optimize costs.
Business conditions
We offer to international and local companies advice on business conditions, town or location analysis which will include all the critical factors for the respective business. We combine publicly available data for demographics, local and regional economies, labor markets, taxes and specific business incentives with actual market experience, insights and real estate knowledge. Thus our clients are able to make decisions which address all aspects of the respective business case. 
Real estate strategy and modeling
Our experts can perform a thorough portfolio overview of owned, rented or both types of real estate which will reveal inefficiencies, capacity shortages or physical deficiencies. They will then evaluate the size of potential savings or underinvestment that may put day-to-day operations at risk. The use of a single external consultant is a guarantee every part of a real estate portfolio is approached with the same level of diligence and is assessed against the same set of criteria. 
Tenant representation and renegotiation
Forton can move from occupier strategy design to implementation and support different scenarios: expansion into new locations, renegotiations of historic leases or a mix of the two to complement the client’s efforts to deploy its resources in an efficient manner. 
Strategic advisory
Our experts will provide the base for informed decisions for the active management or optimization of real estate portfolios. They will collect and analyze market data and recommend specific actions. These services will help companies deal with excess real estate from mergers and acquisitions or banks to successfully manage non-performing loan portfolios or acquired assets. Our multidisciplinary teams can also assist the top management in assessing the opportunities to raise cash for reinvestment in their business through real estate sales or sale and leaseback structures.  

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

When applied on a portfolio level our consulting services lead to significant improvements in time to market or achievements of bottom line savings. Our approach helps companies streamline their real estate operations. They rely on our experience, knowledge and specific skills to extract the maximum value from real estate assets through timely and purposeful decision-making, consistent with the current market environment and the potential development of the real estate market.

Experience and resources

As part of the Cushman & Wakefield Alliance and a leader in commercial real estate services in Southeast Europe we are able to support cross-border cooperation and introduce best practices. The benefits of using a professional commercial real estate firm include our ability to deliver the same level of service across markets and real estate types. And finally, as part of AG Capital we share know-how and capabilities way beyond advisory and leasing into fields such as development, real estate investment and facility management.