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Capital Markets

Capital Markets

We offer assistance for all phases of real estate investment – from initial research through due diligence, acquisitions and disposals. We help corporates and real estate investors dispose of excess real estate, structure complex forward-purchase and sale-leaseback transactions or work out distressed situations.

How we can help

Investment Sales
We offer a structured approach to real estate disposals that results in increased competition, transparency and shortened closing periods. Forton will provide an opinion of the real estate value, then analyze transaction costs and recommend the most appropriate deal structure, strategy and timing. Our experts will prepare the necessary documentation – investment teaser, memorandum and data room. We support each transaction with list of the potentially active regional and international buyers who are contacted directly on behalf of the client. We make sure the vendor receives comprehensive guidance throughout the negotiation process guaranteeing flawless experience until the end of our engagement. We are confident that we can determine the most appropriate approach and customize distinctive sales strategy that would fully correspond with the goals of the seller and any special circumstances, providing cushions against risks. 


We support acquisitions with market knowledge and practical guidance. Service excellence stems from our deep engagement with commercial real estate in our markets matched by thorough understanding of the investor’s financial goals. Our investment advisors pertain to international professional standards at every stage of the engagement and cautiously follow all market movements so as to make sure that your transaction is executed at the right time to attain to the long and short term goals, unaffected by moments of market volatility and economic uncertainty. Our aim is a sustainable long-term transaction structure based on the market rents and reasonable asset price. 

Our integrated service and customized approach allows us to advise and outline a disposition strategy that will fully capitalize on the strongest market demand. Whether you seek to release a slow-performing asset or you simply aim to diversify the risk related to your property or your portfolio of assets our skilled experts will support you against any disruptions and ensure that your interests are protected.

Our investment team is prepared to assist occupiers to find the most suitable investor to purchase their buildings and offer full support to investors who will to employ a sale and lease back investment model. Without any doubt, our specialists are trusted by our clients in providing this service because we know how to attain the ideal match between occupiers and prospective investors.

Forton can help devise a work-out strategy of troubled real estate investments on a single asset or portfolio level. Our advisory team will start with an analysis to identify the causes of the trouble and address them in an effective manner. We leverage on our contacts with existing and new investors and lenders. Thus we can assist with capital raising, loan renegotiations and a combination with leasing services in a consequence that will protect asset value and unlock its full potential.

Due diligence
Our investment team will deliver sufficient and precise due diligence report which represents a comprehensive appraisal of the investment and its commercial potential. Our experts will make sure that we provide you with accurate and realistic analysis and ensure that our clients are able to make informed decisions in the right time remaining unaffected by potential obstacles.  

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

Our investment advisors possess extensive capital markets expertise and broad analytical aptitude which allows them to always tailor the investment strategy to match our clients’ objectives and financial goals. At Forton, we create opportunities when there are none and we are confident that we can offer the optimal solutions so as to add value to real estate projects by realizing maximum return on investment. Moreover, we have attained great flexibility along with specialized knowledge and exposure to all major real estate types, ensuring the successful execution of various transactions within our local market. Our integrated transaction services provide all-around solutions consistent with the asset specifics. 

Experience and resources

Forton’s extensive knowledge and capital markets expertise is largely appreciated by our clients as one of our greatest assets. We are passionately devoted to bridge the gap between local and foreign real estate markets and ensure that we have direct access to all sources of new capital entering the region. Throughout the years, we have built strong track record of associations with numerous private and institutional investors, both globally and on a regional level. Our strategic alliance with Cushman & Wakefield serves as a gateway to the global market. Together we have participated in the successful execution in some of the major property transactions in the region. Finally, as part of AG Capital, the largest real estate service group in Bulgaria, we have unrivaled access to first-hand transaction information on more than 6,000 deals annually.