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Debt Management related to Covid-19

Crisis services related to debt management as a consequence of deteriorated business plans and financial standing due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our knowledge and experience will help you to structure and optimize your cash-flow in a way that will improve your liquidity. We will provide you with solution through in-depth analyses of your credit dossier, business plan and financial model and will prepare two scenarios on which we will dedicate to overcome your current financial obstacles. Our target is to achieve on time payment of your instalments and avoid generating interest on delayed payments. We will actively support you on the negotiations with creditors as well as with your suppliers with the purpose to achieve our objectives.  Our member firms’ independence from the providers of financing products enables us to provide you with wholly objective advice and the best option for you. Being part of Cushman and Wakefield, we have the possibility to provide you with long term solution and support you for raising senior and subordinate funding, refinancing or restructuring your debt.

Prepare a profile and in-debt analyses considering the background of the investor and project.
Detailed analyses of entire credit dossier as well as initial business plan, financial model, signed loan contracts and consequent Annexes
We will prepare a business plan and financial model reflecting the most realistic scenario in compliance with the bank expectations and will present it in front of financial institutions
We will check your collateral and will advise to optimize or trade it off
We will actively take part in the negotiations with creditors
We will analyse the necessity of extra working capital or mezzanine and will offer you a solution

Improve your liquidity through renegotiating your current terms and conditions on your debt. As a result, we will decrease your monthly payments through grace period on principal
We will prepare a strategy for refinancing your obligations and achieving optimal monthly payments and getting new liquidity, better collateral and cash sweep

Retainer- 0 euro with exclusivity
Success fee based on initial agreed renumeration
Debt management options