Flexible Workspace Solutions

Flexible workspace is an umbrella term for a number of different propositions, although the three principal products are coworking, serviced offices and managed offices. We offer advice in three broad categories, but can tailor each instruction to meet individual requirements.

How we can help

Sector Consultancy

Flexible market drivers and macro trends – market overview identifying local operators, flexible workspace statistics, maturity level of the flexible market and identification of gaps in the market 
Operator service offerings and pricing review
Review of the different operating models and propositions in the market
Advice on the sustainability of the flexible workspace model in a downturn
Overview of operator activities (growth projections, expansion strategies, M&A) within the flexible market
Advice on opportunities and threats due to growth in usage from the corporate/enterprise sector


Strategic Consultancy

In-depth portfolio review and option analysis to support the development of an investment strategy into flexible workspace
Building assessment and ranking of suitability for flexible workspace
Current lease review for target buildings (required to free up space)
High-level space assignment/planning review of recommended options
Identification of different market entry strategies and delivery options that maximize added value whilst aligning with wider corporate objectives 


Tactical Consultancy

Detailed advice on location factors for specific buildings (location analysis) 
Competitor benchmarking (including pricing review)
Flexible workspace option assessment and business model review
High-level analysis of all stages of flexible workspace delivery (e.g. sales & marketing, design, customer experience proposition review, operational delivery strategy)
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