Workplace strategy

Our Strategic Consulting experts provide innovative real estate solutions to organisations with specialised requirements. We help clients solve the complex challenges encountered at the intersection of real estate and business to develop impactful results. Our approach is based on previous success strategies which are tailored to the unique requirements of each opportunity. Our experts work together to create a comprehensive solution that incorporates all aspects of real estate and business alignment in the areas of:

Business Solutions
We develop strategic real estate solutions that add operational and financial value, through a comprehensive evaluation of the interrelated variables that impact real estate portfolio decisions.

Location Advisory and labour Analysis
We advise on locations to help attract the workforce and clients you require in order to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Portfolio Strategy
We define high-level strategy for real estate portfolios, including how to optimise total occupancy costs and create the most efficient use of space in your owned and leased portfolio.

Workplace Strategy
We engage our client’s talent with workplace programme development, design and change management solutions to ensure implementation.

We provide transparency to state, city and utility incentives, identifying, negotiating and managing incentive programmes  to support an optimised location.