Asset management services

Asset management refers to the strategic and operational management of all measures affecting risk and return at the asset and portfolio level. It is related to the entire life cycle of the asset. Individual services may be rendered at both asset and company levels.

How we can help

The preparation of management strategy begins with an overview of the investment objectives and formulation of an Asset plan, updated on a regular basis. Our team consults the investors on defined investment policies and business planning. The scope of our services includes the preparation of a budget, as well.

Capital transactions 
This group of services includes preparation, support and control of asset disposal process in the context of selected marketing strategy. Our team takes care of the supervision and coordination of third parties, implements a systematic control by means of a data room. We engage with the negotiation process up to the closing of the transaction and manage post-transaction obligations defined under the sale and purchase agreement.

Third party management and monitoring services
Our team assists with the selection, monitoring and control of external service providers. We monitor the effective management of revenue, expenses and cash flows, coordinate and supervise the activities of accountants, nominee directors, legal advisors and auditors.

Reporting and data management
During the data management process we provide investors with detailed written processes, analysis and reporting of the financial position and ongoing developments. Our team is engaged with the comparison of performance against previous asset plans and explanation of variations arising. We prepare reports on the competitive position of the properties and portfolios within their relevant markets and perform diligent treatment and protection of data, applicable statutory provisions and other regulations with standardized software systems.

Liquidity and cash management
Our team monitors long term solvency throughout the entire planning period, as well as Powers of Attorney and bank transfer authority for the parties involved and any approval thresholds.

Asset valuation
This service includes monitoring of valuations needed for accounting, tax, loan covenant or other purposes