Lease administration

Lease administration refers to setting up a functional electronic register with consistent and detailed data of all lease related documents. It aims to streamline internal administrative processes– integrate workflows, provide automatic notifications. It provides fast and convenient reporting with increased analytical capacity and allows clients to have strict control of the document collection and prevent of missing documents and information.

How we can help

Complete administration of all data parameters and conditions of rental agreements
This service is based on a Data Register for input, processing and maintenance of information with terms of all lease agreements. Our team tracks and reports critical dates and monitor compliance with lease rights and obligations (break options, renegotiations, rent annexes, indexation, end dates and others). We also give notifications for missing documents or information and assist with the financial control of lease agreement related costs – rent, service charge, service charge reconciliation, indexation and other direct or indirect costs.
Management and administration of other specific client’s information
Our team performs registration of additional data and characteristics of the propertiy that is not included in the lease agreement and prepares special reports or notifications that help certain internal processes.
Landlords and third parties relations
We assist our clients with their relations and communication with landlords, institution and authorities in respect to their obligations as a lessee. We engage with the process of concluding necessary insurance coverage and communication with third parties in regard to insurance policies. Our team assists with processing the necessary legal documentation and handing-over procedures of leased premises.

Up to date market information, related to all locations

This service includes assessment of the effectiveness of locations based on visibility, accessibility, coverage and traffic. We Compare current market levels for an alternative locations and analyze market trends over a period of six (6) to twelve (12) months. We also assist with related opportunities for optimization of lease terms.