Lender's Supervision

Our team of experienced professionals provides lenders with timely and reliable information regarding the overall progress and performance of projects. Our key role is to protect our clients’ interests and reduce risk through monitoring and reporting against pre-agreed programmes and budgets. We inform the lender of the overall status of their project by observing progress, quality of work, deficiencies, the overall schedule, conformance with approved plans and specifications, and the project’s financial feasibility. We ensure that funds are being appropriately drawn down according to actual progress on site. Our typical scope of services includes:
•    Zero or technical due diligence report;
•    Review of all project elements including, but not limited to:
o    Design solutions;
o    Project organisation;
o    Quality of design and completed works (if any);
o    Programme/scheduling;
o    Building permits;
o    Insurances and guarantees;
o    Site safety issues;
o    Financials and legals.
•    Monitoring site visits and reports on technical and financial progress;
•    Certification for drawdown requests and completion of milestones, including project completion;
•    Checking of defect listing and rectification.