Fit-out Management

Office Fit-out Management

Moving to a new office space can be a really challenging experience, that’s why it is essential that all risks be handled properly.
Forton’s experienced project management team will support you during every phase of this process and will advise you on every aspect on the project. We will ensure that your project goes exactly as you planned it even when faced with more complex situations.
Interior design and space allocation, utility systems planning, selection of the contractor services, cost management and monitoring of the on-site construction activities – under our supervision all of these activities will be managed on time, on budget and to the specified quality.
Our goal is to ensure a new accommodation that fully meets our client’s needs and expectations.

Our services

Planning and Design Management
The aim is outlining the appearance of the office and completing the technical design. Our project management team will work closely with the selected designers, in order to ensure a space layout, finishes and systems that meet the client’s needs.
Scope of activities:
• Preparation of preliminary layout – initially the team will prepare a scheme for the client’s approval, considering all specifics of the company structure and make recommendations on the optimal size of the premises, space allocation, major installations positioning;
• Interior design and space allocation – our project management team will overlook the design team’s preparation of the architectural part, ensuring that it is fully compliant with the client’s needs;
• Utility system planning - the project management team will also monitor all the utility systems’ planning, design and coordination, including electrical, low voltage, heating ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage, fire safety and etc.

Tendering and permitting

The project management team will perform a competitive tender and assist in the selection of a pre-qualified Contractor as needed. Furthermore, our team will ensure that all necessary permits are in place.
Scope of activities:
• Tendering and selection of pre-qualified Contractor Services - where the client requires the use of an external company to do the fit-out works, the project management team will perform a competitive tendering procedure in order to obtain the best value for the client;
• Preparation of a fit-out budget and cost management – subsequent to the tendering procedure, the project manager will develop and maintain a cost plan for the duration of the project;
• Ensuring that necessary permits are in place – the project manager will liaise with the landlord and/or the statutory supervisors in order to provide all the required design documentation and confirm that all necessary permits have been obtained and the construction works can commence;

Construction monitoring, completion and hand-over

The project management team through their extensive experience will ensure the successful completion of the project and a hand-over to the client on time, within budget and to the specified quality.
Scope of activities:
• Regular site visits and checks of the progress of work – the project manager will organize and document regular site meetings, monitoring progress and quality, and ensuring safety adherence and strict financial management. The design team and statutory supervisors will be an integral part of the process ensuring that all necessary documents and permits are provided and obtained in a timely manner;
• Project completion - technical compliance analysis is the final step in the project management process to ensure a high quality delivery of the office space. Forton’s team will perform inspections and supervision of all design elements;
• Handover – prior to accepting the premise, our team will develop an elaborate defects list. Forton also will ensure that all necessary permits are obtained and that all operating and maintenance manuals, certificates and warranties are handed over;

Move management

Forton supports real estate projects with organization and coordination of the physical transfer of people, equipment or furniture from one location to another. We focus on containing any negative effects for the business and ensuring business continuity. Our experts can optionally provide a move management service, making sure that delivery and occupancy dates are aligned with the actual business plan and will notify the client if the process is challenged by contingent events.