Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

This service is an integral part of the process of buying or selling a property. Technical due diligence includes the physical inspection of buildings and associated building services, to confirm their overall status.

Our services include:

• Reviewing of the structural design and a detailed survey of the technical systems of the building;
• Reviewing of the available design drawings, visual inspection and measurement of major dimensions of the actual built-up, gross built-up area and net areas;
• Advising on quality issues or apparent defects regarding finishing works and preparing a relevant snag-list of items to be addressed;
• Reviewing of the project’s fire safety solutions;
• Assessment of the accessibility for car and pedestrian access; If required, assisting the Client in drafting the technical annexes to agreements to be signed, including specifications and standards, time schedules, follow-up issues, and others.


The due diligence report outlines findings on the current status of the project, the condition survey of all its systems and a review of the available permits and other documentation.

The assessment of all aspects of the project will be done in accordance with Bulgarian codes and standards, as well as good international practices, and specific requirements from the Client.

A detailed due diligence report with relative attachments will be prepared, which could be a list of the required and available documents with comments, various important building specifications, list of outstanding issues, list of contracts, photo file with comments, issued in English or Bulgarian and will be submitted to the Client in hard and soft copies.