Project Development

Project Development

Having a reliable project manager shortens development time and minimizes the risk of cost overruns. Capital projects require significant management skills, coordination of a wide range of industry professionals and ensure completion within the set parameters of time, cost and quality.

Forton provides a selected scope of project management services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise covers the organization of the entire development process – from the pre-construction phase, through tendering, all the way to supervision of the construction process to successful completion.

Project Types and Services

• Office, retail, industrial and logistics projects
• Build-to-suit projects
• Fit-outs
• Technical Due Diligence
• Cost Management

How we can help

Site selection

Site selection is an important stage in the project cycle in the situation where the client does not own the site or property. Our objective is to ensure that the requirements for the site or property are defined in terms of the facility to be constructed, that the selected site meets these requirements and that it satisfies the set constraints of the project schedule with minimal risk to the client.

Design Management

We formulate a design management plan and arrange the appointment of consultants and specialists as needed. Our responsibility is to monitor the design progress against the overall schedule, organize project coordination and progress meetings to review all aspects of the project. Our key task is to manage the development of a coordinated design that fully meets the client’s requirements.

Cost Management

Our goal is to report on the overall financial aspects of the project through the preparation, review and update of a cost plan. We measure the value of work executed by contractors and agree monthly valuations. Our team forecasts and reports of projected out-turn costs and finally agrees on final accounts.

Tender Management

We implement effective and competitive tender procedures, ensuring that all necessary design documents are produced and that the best price for the respective product or service is secured. We interview successful tenderers, confirming that appropriate warranties are secured and clarifying any special conditions. Our selection is based on balancing quality and price and we initiate appropriate actions if tenders are outside the set budget. Finally, we ensure that our clients understand the nature and terms of the construction contract prior to signing it.


Our project management team monitors the performance of contractors and the progress of works on site. We establish strict control systems for the management of time, cost and quality. We ensure that appropriate procedures are in place and being followed, and that site meetings are held and documented. Our responsibility is to manage the introduction of changes/variations and to establish mechanisms for dealing with any claims. Our advantage is anticipating and resolving potential problems before they develop.


Completion and handover are very much interlinked. This is the final stage of work executed by the contractors and consultants prior to acceptance of the facility by the client. They are carried out under the continued coordination and supervision of our project management team, in close working relationship with the consultants. Forton maintains the required liaison between and acts on behalf of the parties concerned.

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

Forton’s mission is to maximize real estate value for its clients. Our project management team acts as the Client’s representative within the contractual terms applicable, to lead, direct, coordinate and supervise the project in association with the design team, statutory supervisors, consultants and contractors. This approach results in savings of time, effort and money.

We combine the skills of seasoned real estate consultants with rigorous planning and a set of procedures that guarantee competitive pricing for all elements in the scope of the project.

Experience and resources

We have successfully fulfilled a large number of project management assignments for major international and local telecom, pharma, BPO and medical equipment servicing organizations of all sizes. Our deep knowledge of the real estate market enables us to provide opinion on the practicability of different real estate options at the early stages of negotiations, helping minimize risks and increase returns. As part of the AG Capital group of companies we can offer enhanced services for build-to-suit, fit-out management, cost management and construction monitoring.