In the long run, we increase real estate investment returns by increasing transparency, hence minimizing risk. Our valuation services are fully compliant with international standards allowing investors or lenders to easily compare performances across jurisdictions, independently of local legislation or prevailing practices. Yet we are fully capable of valuing real estate assets in accordance with the legislation of the respective market we operate in. 

How we can help

Real estate valuations
Our team provides reliable real estate valuations based on thorough market research and proprietary data. We can support the business case of buyers, vendors or borrowers, public and private equity investors. Our capabilities stretch across real estate types and service standards. We will apply market comparison, income, discounted cash flow or residual approach depending on the real estate use, market maturity and future plans of the owner. 
Portfolio valuations
Forton’s team understands the nature or real estate business and the ways and means to achieve economies of scale or diversify risk. In the process of portfolio valuations our experts will carefully examine the impacts of geographical and market diversification and property management structures on the total portfolio value. They will analyze each asset and its market in detail, down to the physical quality and operational structures, to deliver a comprehensive view of the business.  
Loan collateral reviews
We help lenders manage their credit risk by providing reliable opinion on the recovery value of real estate used as loan collateral. Our valuation services have broad application – from regular loan reviews to distressed situations when decision-making is vital for the profit or loss from an investment. Our clients hold in the highest regard our deep understanding of commercial real estate markets and the nature of real estate investment.  
Financial reporting
Forton delivers International Valuation Standards and RICS Valuation – Professional Standards compliant real estate valuations. Our services increase the transparency and support corporate governance of public companies or private real estate equity. We support institutional investors with the kind of opinion that increases the trust of their shareholders and partners. 
Investment advice
Potential sales or purchases of real estate assets require a lot of attention and this is where Forton’s attention to detail counts. We minimize potential financial damage and help increase returns by a transparent and market-based valuation procedure. Our advice puts real estate values on a stable footing and thus increases market efficiency and helps consensus building on pricing.  

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

Our valuation services add to the security of real estate investments. The use of professional valuation service provider backs transaction pricing with market evidence and reassures the parties involved, be it buyers, vendors or lenders. We will provide valuation services to recognized standards, enabling stronger international exposure of assets and productive interaction between the real estate and the global capital markets. 

Experience and resources

Forton has delivered numerous valuations covering the full real estate spectrum from land holdings to all commercial and residential real estate types, including complex mixed-use or portfolio structures. We have two Registered Valuers with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors on our team and are a RICS-regulated firm, which means our work adheres to the highest international professional and ethical standards. Forton has a well-qualified team that can undertake different types of work, including business and real estate valuations recognized by Bulgarian law. Our belonging to the AG Capital group of companies expands our capacity to deal with various asset types and scales.