Office Occupier Services

Whether you would buy or lease office real estate Forton will guide you through the market and through the transaction process. Our deep knowledge of the marketplace and the local legislation is employed to ensure our occupier clients’ requirements are served and their long-term interests are well protected. We support corporate decision-making with accurate market information and practical advice. 

How we can help

Buy or lease?
Our experts will undertake thorough financial analysis to help assess the impact of different tenure scenarios to the company’s cash flows and balance sheet. Not only will we compare the outcomes but we will evaluate them against the actual supply and demand in the market to check the viability of each option. 
Stay versus go?
We know the projects and players in detail. This allows us to provide advice across emerging markets, locations, buildings, right down to specific floors or units. Forton can collect and sum up all the information needed to decide whether a new location is worth more than the old one, taking into consideration not just quantitative factors like lease terms and pricing but also qualitative ones like corporate image and employee satisfaction. 
Cross-border expansion    
We take real estate as a part of a multi-faceted proposition for international companies. We can provide the necessary information to help them understand the local business environment, operational cost structure, investment incentives. Finally, we will find a real estate solution that will align all financial and non-financial considerations. 
Tenant or buyer representation
Through our tenant representation services you would leverage our knowledge of the market to achieve the best possible outcome from you relocation or expansion project. We provide a realistic view of the market that allows companies to concentrate on their business goals while containing the risks of wasting time and efforts in the business-critical process of entering new markets or designing and delivering new services. We assist our clients in the negotiation process to achieve the best market terms for their specific requirement. Experience has taught us that having a motivated partner in the transaction drives up transparency, improves coordination and lowers the risk of a deal falling through.
We apply our market knowledge to negotiate with landlords on changes in historic lease structures and rents and to make sure they reflect the present trading conditions. We back our clients’ positions with thorough market research and, where applicable, analysis of competitive proposals. We are capable of supporting complex transactions where replacement tenants are needed to contain the costs of early lease breaks. The results we pursue would differ depending on the occupier’s long-term interests – from securing their current location at competitive pricing to general cost optimization. Moreover, for multi-location occupiers, we can apply renegotiation services across portfolios, markets and real estate types, further enhancing the organizations’ operational efficiency.  

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

The blend of market knowledge, understanding for corporate goals and structures and decades of professional experience means that our clients’ requirements are handled in a comprehensive manner. As a full-service commercial real estate advisor Forton can deploy versatile teams to address the different challenges in buying or leasing office real estate. This allows us to identify out-of-the-box solutions. As part of the largest real estate service group in Bulgaria Forton is able to provide multilateral solutions that would match the needs of any company operating anywhere in Bulgaria. 

Experience and resources

Forton is a Bulgarian company which operates nationally, regionally and globally through strategic relations and partnerships with market leaders. As part of the Cushman & Wakefield Alliance in Bulgaria and Macedonia it has access to the best practices in 253 markets globally and almost a century of professional experience worldwide. As a member of the AG Capital group of companies, it can find an end-to-end real estate solution for any business case: from planning to development, leasing, facility management and sales.