Office Landlord Services

Forton assists office landlords and developers in sourcing and targeting new and retaining existing clients. We constantly review the market and gather information to help developers position their projects or fine-tune their features to better capture existent or latent demand. Our real estate knowledge is then deployed to distinguish the product and expose it in a way that would maximize its occupancy and rental rates. 

How we can help

Planning, development and evaluation
Years of experience and a network of strategic partnerships enable Forton to lend high-level expertise to office developers and investors. Based on historic data and market trends we consult our clients on the suitability of a location for their purposes and the must-haves for their projects to compete successfully in the present and in the future market. We can assist available real estate projects with timely information about their competitive advantages, today’s and tomorrow’s supply-demand balance. Finally, we would propose lease structures and pricing to optimize return on investment. 
Landlord representation
We offer representation services on exclusive and non-exclusive bases to landlords. Our services allow them to gain maximum exposure to the market in a timely and efficient manner. We help their projects stand out and receive the attention of occupiers even in highly competitive environment. We can support their pricing or lease term with market data or help adjust them to the benefit of the project. 
Forton is positioned in the market in a way that enables it to capture present and future demand for office space. Thus it can assist landlords and developers in sourcing and targeting clients. Our experience and client base provides us with a unique view of new and emerging industries matched by existing and new professional contacts. 

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

We are constantly monitoring and reviewing our markets to make sure that our clients stay ahead of the trends. As a full-service commercial real estate advisor and a member of the Cushman & Wakefield Alliance Forton can offer its services across jurisdictions and locations, engaging directly top-level decision-makers or, alternatively, bring and implement new concepts to the market. 

Experience and resources

We have a full-service office real estate team who has worked on many of the most notable office developments over the last several years. Forton has proved its capabilities by bringing to a successful end a number of office lease transactions, both large and small. As a subsidiary of AG Capital, Bulgaria’s number one real estate service group, we are able to assist developers not only in the conceptualization and leasing of their projects but also in daily maintenance and management, as well as to handle mixed-use requirements.