Land services

Our land transaction capabilities support developers and owner-occupiers in the process of location selection, negotiations and deal finalization. We fully understand the implications of land costs on a project as well as the legal, regulatory and financial risks involved in land acquisitions. This makes us capable to assist speculative and owner-occupied construction with competent market research and advice in the predevelopment phases. 

How we can help

Buyer representation
In buyer representation Forton will assist the selection process, review and provide opinion on location, zoning and infrastructure considerations. We support the process with comprehensive real estate knowledge and accurate market information, employed in both the review and negotiations phases of the purchase. We add project management experience to help buyers assess all aspects of the deal. 
Our experts can support zoning and rezoning procedures. Forton can offer document and application management and coordination. We will seek advice from town-planning specialists and architects or project management consultants when needed to ensure all regulatory risks are taken care of. 
Consolidation projects
To developers and large occupiers we offer land consolidation/mergers and advice on change of designation procedures as a way to expand existing projects, overcome fragmented ownership or improve zoning and layout efficiency. We understand the requirements of large-scale projects and can act confidentially on behalf of the client. We can negotiate with multiple owners and structure transactions in a way that will keep overall costs and risks low. 
Seller representation
We advise sellers who wish to dispose of excess real estate or cash in their land investments. We help with price and use recommendation, taking into account existing town planning, future development of the area and competition. Our seasoned professionals will then go through their network of professional contacts among developers, occupiers and investors to stimulate competition and maximize the outcomes for our clients. 
Project management
Our relationship with AG Capital gives us access to enhanced project management capabilities encompassing land purchases, zoning, tendering and construction. Third-party development services, project monitoring and project management advisory complement our land transaction practice. 

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

Our involvement in all commercial real estate segments is a considerable advantage when deciding on the highest and best use of land sites. It also allows us to get maximum exposure of sale and buy mandates across industries, buyer types or occupiers. We are in the position to execute complex transactions matching the interests of developers, investors, landowners and occupiers like built-to-suit or sale-leaseback schemes. 

Experience and resources

Our professionals are experienced in land sales and acquisitions and can also rely on specific real estate development and investment know-how. Through AG Capital we have access to a wide, national-spanning network of experienced real estate professionals and presence in both commercial, residential and leisure markets. As Cushman & Wakefield Alliance partner we also adhere to the highest international standards of work.