Property Management Services

Property Management follows the investment objectives of the owner and supervises the performance of all contractual arrangements in the project. This includes maintaining a database of rental conditions and commitments. Administration and control of all revenues and operating costs, maintaining a business communication with tenants on a daily basis, tracking legal obligations, manage the process of building maintenance.

How we can help

Initial management setup
In order to set-up the data management, our first step is to review and analyze the existing documentation related to the project. We consult on operational expenditures budget projection, local taxes related costs, item allocation and apportionment and assist with the necessary property insurance coverage. We define an on-site management structure – positions, responsibilities and take care of recruitment and training of necessary staff. Our team set-up reporting procedures – structure, scope, responsibilities and consult on commercialization of common areas and generation of additional income.

Ongoing management

  • Provision of on-site team and supervision of property management process. This service includes:

Property management records

  • Maintain document register, based on legal documents supplied by the client
  • Manage tenant register containing tenant details, lease terms, specific arrangements and schedules

Financial and administrative services

  • Financial control of operational and capital expenses
  • Invoicing tenants
  • Dedicated operational account control and administration – managing payment to subcontractors and suppliers
  • Preparation and tracking of annual operating expenses and apportionment procedures
  • Assistance with capital expenditures/improvements - identification, analysis and recommendation of necessary capital costs; tracking and controlling any capital costs related works
  • Preparation of periodic (monthly or quarterly) reports

Tenants’ relations

  • Maintenance of active communication and conducting necessary meetings with Tenants
  • Resolution of issues related to Internal regulation code
  • Taking actions as a result of inquiries or complaints from tenants
  • Managing and assisting with negotiations, lease renewals, subletting, relocation, applications for alterations

Facility Management

  • Providing maintenance services by specialized subcontractors and suppliers, managing scope of work and quality requirements for technical maintenance, security, cleaning, landscaping, pest control, garbage collection and other activities
  • Regular inspections and internal reports

Third party relations

  • Necessary communication and operational reports to any financial institutions, insurance brokers and insurance companies. Communication with local authorities and bodies